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The beer with a taste to impress

Our main objective was to disseminate and communicate Art through a work of art that we were passionate about and that would allow us to carry out a communication action. Moreover, being in times of pandemic, it was also necessary to convey a message of hope and joy.
For this we chose "Dance at le Moulin de la Galette", an impressionist picture painted by Renoir in 1876 and currently on display at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

Renoir wanted to focus on conveying the joy and festive atmosphere observed at the Moulin de la Galette, omitting the negative aspects, such as the prostitution activities that occurred at these types of parties.

Le Moulin de la Galette was the picnic area where this dance took place, a place, which Renoir went to very frequently due to its proximity to the place. It is the most similar to a discotheque today, people used to gather to chat, dance or simply have a good time.

Brand and visual identity

The first point we were clear about was that we needed a flexible and visually dynamic brand. Therefore, we could not make an exaggeratedly complex design, we had to create something simple, visual and effective. Next, we started brainstorming and established some key concepts: "Mill + Craft Beer". Joining these two concepts, we get the logo, which represents the blades of a mill and, in turn, the raw material with which the beer is made, reminiscent of barley or wheat. The chosen typography was Playfair Display, which works quite well in digital environments and reductions and provides the desired character to the graphic brand.

Using a software, we extracted the colors most used by the artist in the work. From these, we chose a main color and three secondary colors, which allowed great flexibility in the applications.

To design the bottles, we cut out the main frames from the plan. As some characters were superimposed, some elements such as tables, bodies or benches, had to be digitally "reconstructed". Then a pattern was created with a part of the symbol, accompanied by a background of one of the brand's secondary colors. On top of it, the image of the characters and the brand name intertwined with them was added. Finally, a band was included at the bottom with the brand slogan and the type of beer, and the symbol was added to the neck of the bottle.


Ana S., Carmen R., Irene A., Desiret B., Laura R., Lidia B., María R., Stephanie T., Trinidad F., Victoria N. & Ignacio Vaxeras.

This project was awarded as an innovation project in Communication and Art (AC - UCM).